It’s been a few years since theย #FreeGreedo campaign kicked off. There have been few updates in recent times surrounding 03 Greedo’s release but his presence remains felt in the streets. He’s unveiled a handful of projects since he was locked up and reportedly recorded upwards of 3,000 songs prior to his sentence.

This morning, reports began surfacing that Greedo might be coming home in the near future. Under Greedo’s parole review status on the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice website, it reads, “The offender is currently not in the review process. Offender was approved for release.” In the subsequent header, titled Last Parole Hearing, it says that on June 16th, 2022, he was “approved with completion of a program prior to release”ย 

Still, there isn’t a formal confirmation that Greedo will be released from anyone in his camp. Per No Jumper, the rapper’s family is still unclear on whether his parole has been approved. Hopefully, we’ll receive a formal confirmation of his parole status in the near future. Jeff Weiss, who has been closely following the case, revealed that Greedo was not approved for parole but his family is hopeful for a positive outcome.ย 

Greedo came through with a new single at the top of the year alongside BlueBucksClan, “Pourin’.” The single marked his first release since dropping his EP,ย 03 Inna Key. Prior to that, Greedo releasedย Netflix & Deal with Kenny Beats andย Still Summer In The Projects with Mustard.

We’ll keep you posted on more information surrounding Greedo’s release.ย