The long awaited Snoop Dogg-Kendrick Lamar-Eminem-Mary J. Blige-Dr. Dre Super Bowl Halftime Show is almost upon us. All the stars have made it out to Los Angeles for the show, including 2 Chainz fresh off his recent studio album Dope Don’t Sell Itself.

As he landed in the City of Angels, TMZ caught up with 2 Chainz to ask him about his activities leading up to the Super Bowl and his relationship with Snoop Dogg. 2 Chainz explained that he is in LA for business as well as the big game: “I am the second largest shareholder of Pineapple Express on Hollywood and Vine, we got a grand opening today to cut the ribbon. It’s something to add to my portfolio. Also it’s Super Bowl weekend and the weather is beautiful so I’m going to be hanging out. (Snoop Doog) is my dog, he’s gonna pull up.”

The TMZ reporter then asked 2 Chainz if he thinks Snoop should smoke marijuana on stage, in which 2 Chainz emphatically approved: “That would be legendary. I might bet with Vegas, I think Snoop should do it. We need that, we in California, it’s legal, let’s do it Snoop. I’mma call you. Let’s do it Snoop. Got to do that.”

For as big as this year’s Super Bowl is, considering it involves the Los Angeles Rams in their home stadium, 2 Chainz insisted the halftime show is more important than the game: “It’s like the show has a football game. It will be (the most legendary halftime show of all time). I’m predicting that.”

Snoop Dogg has been the main advocate for weed in hip-hop since his come-up, so it would only be fitting that he light up a joint on the world’s biggest stage.