50 Cent served as Dr. Dre‘s surprise guest at the Super Bowl halftime show, popping out upside down as he recreated the iconic intro to the “In Da Club” music video. However, the rapper’s performance didn’t come without a few jokes, and criticism. Many began pointing out his weight and practically fat-shaming Fif.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Twitter and Instagram users began trolling Fif, similar to how he trolls everyone else, but he turned the negative into a positive. Following the Super Bowl performance, the rapper re-launched G-Unit apparel, urging fans to scoop up tanktops and headbands.

The rapper further combated criticism on Instagram this morning. The rapper claimed that he people were simply “teasing” him, rather than fat-shaming. He explained it’s because he isn’t ashamed of his weight in the first place.

“I call this teasing me, There just teasing me because they know i can drop the weight,” he wrote. “that’s why i laugh with them. Fat-shaming only applies when your ashamed of your fat. LOL.”

50 Cent got in on the jokes immediately after the Super Bowl, anyway. He began sharing a slew of memes from the event, including a photo of D12’s Bizarre mocking the iconic scene from the music video.

Aside from capitalizing off of the recent memes, 50 Cent recently debuted Power Book IV: Forcewhich follows the story of Tommy leaving New York behind for a new life in Chicago.