50 Cent On Kanye West: “We’ve Never Seen This Before”


Clip from my 50 Cent interview on Kanye ‘Ye’ West. Watch my new 50 Cent interview here:

In this clip from my new 50 Cent interview, 50 Cent gives his reaction to the latest Kanye West news, saying Ye’s loss of his brand deals with Adidas and others hasn’t needed a press release, because tragedy is the ultimate entertainment, given the speed and degree of coverage surrounding him.

50 also says Kanye doesn’t have a team partly because of the white lives matter comments, and partly because of his comments regarding Jewish people. 50 Cent also speaks on the response he got for saying via Instagram he would build a school with Ye in Houston.

He also makes a comparison to Sandy Hook and Alex Jones, versus Ye’s comments on George Floyd. For more 50 Cent interviews, hip hop news, and more, subscribe to my channel:

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