Alleged Hitman Counting Cash After TSA Agent Murder In Miami!

A Florida hitman recorded himself counting payment for a murder he committed that also injured a 3-year-old child.

Javon Carter is accused of killing #Miami International Airport TSA officer #LeShonteJones as she stood outside her apartment in the Naranja neighborhood on May 3rd. Just hours later, Carter recorded himself counting stacks of $100 bills. In the 35-second clip, he stated, โ€œAnother day in the office.โ€

Investigators believe that Carter was hired by hairstylist #JasmineMartinez, who used funds from a fraudulently obtained PPP loan to pay for the hit. She allegedly withdrew more than $10,000 in April to pay Carter. Martinez allegedly wanted Jones dead following a longstanding feud that was partially over Jones dating Martinezโ€™s ex-boyfriend. Martinez had previously been arrested for hitting Jones, though that case was dropped. The murder coordinator was arrested again in 2018 for beating up the victim.

After Martinezโ€™s new boyfriend, Kelly Nelson attacked Jones outside the courthouse, she was threatened not to testify. Sadly, Jones was shot multiple times before she could get justice in the case Posted By Ghost

2022-04-01 02:47:53

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