With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, companies are already unveiling commercials that are set to air during game day. It’s arguably one of the biggest attractions outside of the game itself, and companies often go above and beyond to deliver quality ads. For Squarespace, they’ve managed to snag André 3000 to narrate their new ad starring Zendaya. 

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Playing off of the tongue twister “Sally sold seashells by the seashore,” Zendaya stars as Sally whose seashell business is struggling. However, she sees a boost in business after transitioning her business into the e-commerce world, thanks to Squarespace. “Sally’s Seashells were so successful, she sailed into the setting sun as a seashell celebrity,” 3 Stacks concludes in his cameo as a sailer.

“I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work and create with Edgar Wright on a story narrated by André ‘3000’ Benjamin,” Zendaya said of the ad in a statement.

André 3000 has remained rather lowkey over the past few months, though that isn’t anything new for him. Last year, he made a rare appearance with what many considered to be the verse of the year on Kanye West‘s “Life Of The Party,” a bonus track on Donda (Deluxe). Additionally, Big Boi also hinted that he has plenty of unreleased footage to create “the greatest Outkast documentary ever.” 

Check out Squarespace’s ad below.