Anthony Davis is one of the most important players on the Los Angeles Lakers, although his injury issues have certainly come at a cost. There have been long stretches where Davis has not been available for the team, and in the eyes of some fans, this could be grounds for a trade in the offseason. 

Unfortunately, Davis went down with yet another injury yesterday as the Lakers won against the Utah Jazz. As you can see in the photo below, Davis rolled his ankle and it pretty well turned 90 degrees. When this happens, one can only fear that a player has broken their ankle. 

Following the game, Davis received an x-ray on his ankle, and as it turns out, it came back negative. This means nothing is broken, however, it is sprained fairly severely. With that being said, Lakers fans should expect Davis to be out of commission from now until sometime after the All-Star break.

In typical Twitter fashion, fans started making memes about the injury, especially given AD‘s history. Of course, there were fans who were relieved that nothing was broken, however, others made sure to get their memes off as quickly as possible. NBA Twitter is constantly praying on the Lakers’ downfall, and this is year another example of that.

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