Antonio Brown and Kanye West have been working closely together over the last couple of weeks as they try to iron out the details surrounding Donda Sports. Kanye has enlisted the NFL wide receiver as one of the leading voices behind the new endeavor, and they are looking to expand past just sportswear. Fans are very curious as to where this endeavor will ultimately end up taking them, although it appears that both men are looking to do something ambitious.

As many fans are already aware, the Denver Broncos are looking for new ownership, and the belief is that the team is worth around $4 billion. This would be a monumental deal that would shake up the entire league. Now, it seems as though Kanye has an interest in acquiring the team, and Brown is making those intentions known.

Kanye West

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“Donda Sports want to buy the @Broncos who with me,” Brown wrote. “NFL CALL YE.” Of course, it is up to Kanye himself to make these calls if he wants any chance at becoming the next owner. While Kanye has created quite the empire with Donda Academy, owning a professional sports franchise is a much different animal. With that being said, who knows for sure if the current Broncos brass will want to accept any potential offers for the franchise?

This is certainly going to be an interesting story to follow, especially as the Broncos look to turnover ownership before next season. Stay tuned as we will bring you all of the latest developments on this story, as they come.