Now that his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has ended on a controversial note, Antonio Brown is on to bigger and better things. The NFL free agent has been in the headlines for years with stories related to the highs and lows of his personal life and professional career, but lately, the world has been seeing more of Brown by Kanye West‘s side. Days ago, news circulated that Brown joined up with West’s Donda Sports, and today (February 7), the football great returned with yet another update.

On Instagram, Brown shared a screenshot of an invoice showing that for the Super Bowl this weekend, Donda Sports purchased VIP suites totaling over $2 million. He also shared why, as President of Donda Sports, this was something he had to do “for the kids.”

WE THE OWNERS NOW ! Donda is about ownership, empowerment, and discovering the next superheroes. This is for the people who counted us out, for everyone who said we can’t— we say WE WILL,” wrote Brown in the caption.

“As President, it was important to me to book the Donda Suite for this years SUPERBOWL LVI. This is a game meant to be watched together. This is the love and unity we need to push. THIS IS FOR THE KIDS, OUR NEXT GENERATION!!!” he added. “We will be hosting community events this weekend, and inviting kids with their families to the game, let’s give people the Donda Experience.

We’ll keep you updated on more from Donda Sports and Antonio Brown’s role in the budding company as it evolves. Check out his post below.