By now, everyone remembers Antonio Brown’s infamous outburst on the Buccaneers sideline in Week 17 of the NFL season. The Buccaneers were playing against the New York Jets at MetLife, and after being told to go in despite an injury, Brown stood up for himself and said that he wouldn’t do it. This angered Bucs head coach Bruce Arians, which then led to a massive display in which Brown threw some gear into the MetLife stands, and promptly ran off the field.

Well, a lucky fan was able to secure the glove that AB was wearing, and since that time, he has flipped it for a huge payday, according to ESPN. In the report, it was stated that Brown’s glove was put up for auction by Lelands, and it received a whopping 53 bids.

Elsa/Getty Images

After 13 days of increasing bids from various prospective buyers, the glove sold for a final price ofย $16,911.60. Of course, there have been plenty of pieces of memorabilia that have sold for more over the past few years, but $17K for some gloves with no signature is a pretty damn good deal for the man who got these on that faithful day in MetLife.


As for AB, he’s got to be at least a little annoyed that a fan is making money off his name. With that said, we’re sure he is doing just fine without an extra $17K right now.