Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been embroiled in a very public feud over the last week that has polarized fans. It all started when Kim would not let Kanye attend his child’s birthday party. From there, things got worse as Kanye was livid about North’s TikTok account. This led to a back and forth on Instagram, which ended in Kanye accusing Kim of kidnapping their child, while also making the claim that Kardashian has been telling people that Kanye has put out a hit on her life.

Interestingly enough, this drama has led to a lengthy response from none other than Azealia Banks, who had some very strong words for Kanye, on her Instagram story. Throughout the rant, Banks effectively said that Kanye’s mental health should not get a pass and that he is ultimately doing great harm to his daughters with this line of behavior.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Y’all are making way too many excuses for Kanye,” she wrote. “This is the second time he has publicly bullied North West. First with the abortion sh*t, and now putting her on blast on his Instagram page as if she’s some sort of criminal. Kanye had no problem with that magazine cover where North had on a f*cking belly top and purple eyeliner with her little buds showing thru the shirt, he thought it was fashion. You all said nothing. […] Kanye is an abusive psychopath, it’s beyond mental illness. Stop trying to help him and start trying to help the poor child that he keeps on trying to embarrass and abuse publicly to garner sympathy for his ashy ass.”

Banks’ comments have created quite the stir on social media, and in fact, Banks was a trending topic on Twitter today. As you can see from the various posts down below, many actually agreed with the artist. Banks’ hot takes are typically met with a lot of resistance, but this time around, her fans seemed to agree with what she was preaching.

Some believe Kanye is simply going way too far right now, and that the things he is saying on Instagram will ultimately haunt his children as they grow up. It’s impossible to say just yet if this will be true, although there is no denying that fans have some real concerns.

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