There has been a lot of conflict on social media lately involving two women who simply aren’t afraid to say how they feel. Azealia Banks is known for her wicked remarks and Julia Fox has no problem mouthing off. So when the two started arguing via text messages, which quickly made its way online in the form of screenshots, thousands of people tuned in to watch it all go down.

Following Fox’s break up with short-term boyfriend Kanye West, Banks took it upon herself to question Fox’s true motive for dating the Chicago native. She began posting excerpts of Fox’s conversation about the breakup and called her a “liability” that “reeks of entitlement” if she thought Ye would choose her over his own kids.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

From there, things went even further south. The Uncut Gems actress then exposed text messages  of Azealia speaking ill of her son. Julia also claimed that no one in the industry wants to be affiliated with the rapper.

Screenshots continued to be posted and harsh comments continued to emerge.

As things seemed to calm down, the Harlem artist took to her IG story to take one final jab at her nemesis earlier today. She decided to warn Fox about the threats she’s proposed. 

She typed, “You should really stop the physical threats… I don’t condone violence against women butt you really should be more worried about losing work due to getting shoved, paralyzed, bruising your face of losing a tooth.” Banks additionally assured Fox that her security will “do what they have been hired to do, even if that includes brutally injuring fanning female fans,” like Julia.

While she has yet to respond, it would be no surprise if Fox clapped back ten times harder or even kept the promise of her threats.