Azealia Banks has said some pretty damning things over the years, fat-shaming celebrities including Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion, calling Nicki Minaj “f*cking stupid,” making racially insensitive comments about Zayn Malik, and more. However, following Joe Rogan’s current controversy after aΒ video compilation of all of the times he’s said the “n-word” on his podcast was shared on social media, the New York-based rapper wants the public to go easier on her.

Commenting on Spotify’s support of Joe Rogan, who has had numerous controversies over the last year, which has recently resulted in a few prominent musicians pulling their music from the streaming platform, Azealia Banks said that she wishes peopleΒ give her a second chance over some of the terrible things she has said.

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“Damn, Joe Rogan is about to get a slap on the hand for being grown and knowing not to say the n-word and continue to prosper. I’m still being punished in adulthood for things I said as a kid and have repeatedly apologized for,” said Banks on Instagram. “This is not any attempt to garner sympathy but if he gets the room to learn from ‘mistakes’ and we are acknowledging that people deserve second chances and room to grow, I would’ve really benefitted from having those same opportunities extended to me when I needed them most. I definitely needed that compassion, good will, and support on multiple occasions. Not a pity party but just even the tiniest bit of support could have changed my life on levels deeper than music.”

You don’t have to like her but Azealia Banks has a point here. If Joe Rogan is allowed to say the “n-word” dozens of times on his globally-recognized podcast without repercussions, then Azealia Banks’ controversies probably should not have resulted in her being blackballed from the music industry.

Screenshot via @azealiabanks on Instagram