Ben Simmons was finally traded from the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday, as he was promptly sent to the Brooklyn Nets. This was fantastic news for the new Nets star as he was jonesing to get out of Philly for quite some time. Not to mention, James Harden was clearly unhappy in Brooklyn, which clearly makes this trade a good one for both sides of the equation.

Now, Simmons will have to ramp up his conditioning as he looks to make his return to the team’s lineup. It remains to be seen when he will play for the Nets, however, it is clear that he will be back on the team before the playoffs, which is really all that matters.

Ben Simmons

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As for Simmons’ number, the star was forced to change from his usual 25, as that jersey had already been retired from the franchise. Today, it was revealed by the Nets that Simmons would instead don the number 10. This is a fairly standard and run-of-the-mill number that we’re sure Simmons will be happy to wear, especially since it means he now gets to play for a team that actually wants him.

Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will continue to bring you updates on Simmons’ status with the 76ers.