The Super Bowl is not a fashion competition, but if it was, then Beyoncé certainly would’ve taken home the award for best dressed. The mother of three was filmed by fans in the stands at tonight’s game, and not long after, she uploaded a series of super hot new photos to her own Instagram feed.

As Elle reports, Bey was spotted in the stands alongside her husband JAY-Z and longtime friend Kelly Rowland during the Halftime show. The Lemonade hitmaker wore sunglasses, a tan-coloured coat, and had her caramel hair styled in waves, but the fan photos don’t do her OOTD the justice it deserves.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In her own post, the Houston-born vocalist shows off all of her look’s details, from the multi-layered silver necklace covering her neck to the petite black bag in her hand.

While she stayed humble at the game and opted to stunt on IG instead, Yoncé’s man and their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, made waves online earlier this evening when they were filmed out on the field ahead of kickoff, the 4:44 hitmaker taking pictures of his family.

At first, it was assumed that B wouldn’t show up to the Super Bowl since she wasn’t with her family, but the internet was incredibly pleased to find out about her arrival seeing as she’s graced the stage at halftime herself on two separate occasions.

“It’s one of those magical performances you can’t recreate,” she told CBS of her 2013 show with Coldplay and her fellow Destiny’s Child members. “I wanted it to be something iconic and something that people would never forget.”

Check out Beyoncé’s boujie Super Bowl outfit below.