Bhad Bhabie hasn’t said “cash me outside” in years, and she wants everyone else to stop saying it too. 

Rapper and internet star, Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, originally found fame after using the now-infamous phrase, “cash me outside,” while starring in an episode of Dr. Phil back in 2016 titled, “I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime!” 

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Following her appearance on the show and new-found fame, Bregoli capitalized further with a rap career under the moniker Bhad Bhabie. Since then, she’s been focused on building a music career and a strong online following. Nonetheless, the 19-year-old still has to contend with her past, and recently went on Instagram Live to express how annoyed she was with being referred to as “the cash-me-outside-girl.” In the Live, she told her fans she would prefer if people would refer to her as “the Gucci Flip-Flops girl,” the ‘Hi Bitch’ girl, the girl who got a million dollar makeup deal,” or even, “the girl who made over f**king fifty million dollars on f**king OnlyFans.” 

After posting a TikTok with the same frustrations, she received tons of backlash from users. She captioned her TikTok, “Imagine everyone calling every popular person the way they got known… oh hey that’s Kim k… oh you mean the sex tape girl. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.”

One user commented, “That’s what you’ll always be tho. Wouldn’t be famous without ur Dr. Phil Episode.” While another commented, “It’s not ridiculous. It’s the world we live in. It’s also why they teach you that first impressions are so important.”

Check out Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram Live below.