Last month, Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli turned 18-years-old. The teen has been a storm in the entertainment industry ever since she made her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil as a 13-year-old problem child, and while she’s been making business moves on her own for years, she’s finally a legal adult. Not long after ringing in her 18th birthday, Bregoli launched her OnlyFans page, and within six hours, she claims she’d already made $1 million.

People took several issues with the OnlyFans reveal because they believe that she’s being groomed, is too young to be on the site, or questioned why so many people were quick to follow when she’d only just turned 18. TMZ caught up with the young star and she called out critics, stating that she believes they’re jealous of her success.

“I think any b*tch who says that is mad ’cause they didn’t make as much money as me on there,” said the rapper. “That’s obvious! Like, how could you be mad that someone younger—that’s like seeing somebody, that’s like seeing a banker make millions and millions of dollars and say, oh no, banking should be changed. You can’t bank unless you’re twenty-one and older, just ’cause they’re young. Like, what? So, if I was twenty-one, you’re gonna say that it should be twenty-five? When I’m twenty-five are you gonna say it should be thirty?”

“Listen, I’m not groomed by nobody. I make all my own decisions and I have been since I was very young,” she added. Check out her clip below and see what else she had to say about people who say its cheating if their significant other subscribes to women’s profiles on OnlyFans.