After early November’s Astroworld festival tragedy that saw 10 people lost their lives, many musicians took more caution for their concerts to avoid the same fate as Travis Scott‘s hometown show. Whether it be Playboi Carti’s tour issuing conduct warnings or SZA stopping a show to check on a fan, performers were on notice.

Most recently, Billie Eilish was hyper-aware of her surroundings, haltering her concert to aid a fan. Saturday night (Feb. 5), Eilish paused her show in Atlanta when a fan had trouble breathing. She stopped the music and had stagehands find an inhaler for the attendee. As she waited for things to normalize, she seemingly threw a shot at Travis Scott for failing to do the same at Astroworld: “We’re taking care of our people, hold on. I wait for people to be okay before I perform.”

As this subtle diss was met with applause, Billie then had her fans create more space between themselves in the pit and had everyone take a deep breath before she resumed the show: “Take a deep breath, go get water, whatever you need to do to be happy and healthy right now. We’re all good, everybody’s okay, we’re going to keep it going.  

Currently, Travis Scott and Live Nation face a massive lawsuit by hundreds of the festival-goers, but it is currently not clear when the case will begin proceedings. Travis Scott has not performed since that fatal day, as his April Coachella performance was cancelled and he was replaced with Billie Eilish and Kanye West as headliners.

Do you think Billie Eilish was throwing shade at Travis Scott?