Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets may not have been able to eliminate Giannis Antetokounmpo and thee Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 on Thursday night, but that hasn’t stopped fans and celebrities alike from giving the two-time NBA Champion his props, especially considering his historic playoff performance earlier this week.

One of the celebrities who have taken the opportunity to shower KD with praise as of late is none other than The Diplomats co-founder Cam’ron. In a recent Instagram post, Cam’ron shared a photo of a massive diamond-studded chain. According to Complex, the chain features an iced-out Diplomats emblem that’s similar to the ones worn by Cam and his fellow Dipset members, and it was specially purchased as a gift for Kevin Durant.

Check out the flashy diamond Dipset chain below.

The huge Dipset chain even caught the attention of the other Diplomats co-founder, Jim Jones. Underneath Cam’ron’s post, the El Capo artist gave KD his stamp of approval, commenting, “He got the city on his back. He deserve the Eagle. He been Dipset.”

Cam'ron Instagram Screenshot

Kevin Durant has an extremely high-stakes match against the Milwaukee Bucks coming up this Saturday, so he’ll likely take all of the positive energy that he can get. Stay tuned to see if KD emerges victorious this weekend and possibly even throws on his sparkling new Dipset chain.