It’s no secret that the latest iteration of the Verzuz series breathed new life into the franchise as Dipset and The Lox put on a battle for the ages.

Beyond the friendly fire exchanged between the two camps on stage as they fired off their legendary catalogs, the tension between the sets underscored the energy of the showing and continues to be the topic of discussion post-battle.

Notably, a clip of Styles P and Cam’ron has circulated as the latter is seen kicking the former. In a recent clip together, however, the two emcees addressed the moment, passing it off as a comical interaction more than anything else.

“I appreciate my drip,” Cam said in regard to the pants that he was wearing. “That shit was $1000 and he tried to rip the whole pants leg off.”

Memorably, the kick came as Styles approached Cam while letting off a few verses. In Styles defense, however, he says he warned the Dipset representative that things would get a little tense in the name of competition.

“I said, ‘Killa, we getting chippy […] don’t bust me in my face, Killa’.”

Cam admits that he almost forgot the warning and thought the moment would’ve escalated. “I thought we was gon’ get in Randy Savage mode.”

All in all, the two friends seem to be in good spirits following the New York battle.

“I love this man,” Styles says at one point before warningย promoters thatย Dipset and The Loxย are not and will never beef. “We had a great time […] we said we would give you the show of your lifetime and we did.”