At times during harsh winters, city’s water systems tend to suffer. It seems like this could be the case for Atlanta, as rap icon Cardi B recently warned that their water may not be safe.

On Sunday (Feb. 6), Cardi B took toInstagram Live to discuss howAtlanta’s water has possibly damaged her skin, and how she has been applying a bunch of moisturizer to help: “Let me tell you something, and I’m gonna say I was afraid to say it. But, I believe that there is something wrong with the water in Atlanta. Because, while I was in Atlanta, my face just started getting so dry and irritated. I kept putting moisturizer to the point that it started getting so irritated that I started putting Vaseline on, the old school way.”

She continued by saying ever after she departed from Atlanta, her skin has still been an issue for her, and that she wants recommendations for moisturizer: “I left Atlanta a week ago, and my face is still so f**king dry and playing outside in the snow didn’t make it any f**king better. Do any of y’all have suggestions of what type of moisturizer I should wear? Because, bro, I feel like I’ve been trying everything. My face is so irritated, it just feels itchy and dry.”

Cardi B’s husband Offset is from the Atlanta area in Georgia, so she likely spends a lot of time in the city and will continue to. For those that have ever visited or lived in Atlanta, have you ever experienced issues with Atlanta’s water?