You can always count on Charlamagne Tha God to have an opinion on the topics that are driving pop culture and media currently, and not just that, but a well-thought-out and elucidated opinion. Such is the case when it comes to one of mainstream media’s favorite subjects as of late: Joe Rogan.

Earlier this week, we got to hear from Joe Budden when it comes to Joe Rogan’s past behaviour and language, as a compilation of the podcast host saying the N-word went viral the other week. We’ve also seen hip-hop artists speak out, from Fat Joe to India Arie. Nonetheless, when it comes to the latter, she’s gone back-and-forth in her opinion– while she was among the first to speak out and state she finds the comedian “problematic,” she later said he did a “fine job” with his apology, and that she didn’t believe in cancel culture. It’s worth noting since all of these statements, she’s gone on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and stated that Rogan is “consciously racist.”

Nonetheless, on the latest episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamagne references one of India Arie’s earlier statements, stating that he agrees with her — “I actually really like what India Arie said,” he starts. “Number one, she said she doesn’t think Joe Rogan is racist, she just thought it was insensitive.” (It seems she may have changed her mind on that front).

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Charla continues to interpret India Arie’s statements in reference to Rogan, praising her for saying “I don’t believe in cancellation, I believe in curation.”

As the conversation around Rogan continues, Charlamagne expresses his opinion on the popular podcast host. “If you’re a radio personality, a podcaster, rapper, comedian, artist in general– anybody that does this for living– if you open your mouth, and words come out for a living, you can’t be for censorship. And if you are from a certain era, there is no way in hell you can look at Joe Rogan and be like, that’s fucked up. That’s what’s killing me about all of this, the lack of self-awareness that some people have, the hypocrisy.”

“I don’t think there’s ever room for a white person to use the n-word,” Charlamagne continues.

“The Planet of the Apes was the worst to one me, but by the way, that was twelve years ago. We’ve all made fucked up, terrible jokes. And I listen to Joe Rogan, I don’t know him personally like you do [referring to Andrew Schulz] I’ve met him twice, but I’ve been listening to him for over a decade. The one thing I’ve always liked about Joe is his self-awareness. If you go back and watch the Planet of the Apes thing, even in that commentary, he literally goes, ‘oh my bad, that’s fucked up. That was racist.'” 

“The thing that really got me this week was the lack of self-awareness from some people. Cause I’m watching certain folks taking him to task and I’m like bro, I’ve been following you for years…” referencing some not-so-kosher things these various people might have said in years passed.

Charlamagne goes on to explain how Rogan clearly apologized, rather than doubling down like others have, citing Young Turks.

Check out the podcast episode below. Let us know what you think.