Ciara and Russell Wilson have been among the internet’s favorite couples since 2015, when they first hit our collective consciousness. Unfortunately, the beautiful Black family has been the subject of the all-too-tired “goals” label that plagues social media. With three kids along for the ride, the legendary Atlanta singer/songwriter/dancer and the Seahawks star QB have become one of the most famous couples in pop culture.

So, it should be no surprise that the most recent pictures to come from the family have caused fans to lose their minds. The pictures, as mentioned earlier, see the Wilsons in rather dapper attire as they got fly decked out in smiles for Russell Wilson’s Bart Starr Award during the 2022 NFL Honors.

 (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Ci-Ci can be seen wearing an off-white colored dress, coordinating with the white dress shirt tucked firmly underneath Russell’s striped Black suit. One of the family pictures highlights comes in the form of the eldest son, who can be seen wearing a black suit complete with a pair of Black Air Force 1s.

As the picture hit social media, Russell and Ciara‘s fans went nuts as they reacted positively to their royal couple. “Congratulations, beautiful family,” said one comment, “this is so beautiful!” posted another fan.

While this sort of thing can be trivial, it is essential to celebrate the light in the world just as much as we report on the darkness. And for that, it’s always a great day when love wins.