Conway The Machine is known for his gritty bars, his impeccable storytelling, and his superior rapping skills. The Griselda rapper is one of the most technically skilled rappers on the planet, impressing with each and every new release. Alongside his half-brother Westside Gunn, he’s also become somewhat of a style icon in the last few years, welcoming all of the hottest designers into his wardrobe and showing off his personal fashion whenever he steps out. This week, he made a style choice that didn’t sit well with his core fanbase, and he’s getting picked apart in the comments for it.

Posting a picture of himself in the hotel lobby this morning, Conway wore multiple chains around his neck, a black t-shirt, and what appears to be an Alexander McQueen skirt. He may have been wearing a towel wrapped around his waist but regardless, the fashion choice wasn’t widely accepted by his fans.

“Is that a skirt bro???” asked one surprised fan. “Say whatever you want… but thats cornyAF,” added another fan, who seemingly wasn’t feeling the skirt. “Oh we wearing skirts now…..aiight…I think ima head out,” said somebody else, reconsidering his support of the rapper. “The weakest I’ve ever seen this man .. crazy how the music industry can flip you,” complained a fourth fan.

His comments are filled with complaints right now, and it’s all because the man chose to wear a damn skirt.Β Previously, artists like Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi, and A$AP Rocky have pushed gender boundaries through their fashion choices, but there’s still a stigma surrounding gendered clothing.Β Are you surprised that Conway is getting flack for this?