By now, news of the coronavirus is so widespread that millions of people are hitting the stores in panic. Shelves are being emptied as the healthy fight to stay that way. While it feels like the world is falling apart, one building in China actually did that. A hotel being used as a quarantine zone in the city of Quanzhou, located in the southern province of Fujian, collapsed on Saturday morning reports BBC News. The hotel was a quarantine zone for those who may be infected with the coronavirus. One woman told Beijing News that relatives, including her sister, were in the building.  “I can’t contact them, they’re not answering their phones,” she said.”I’m under quarantine too [at another hotel] and I’m very worried, I don’t know what to do. They were healthy, they took their temperatures every day, and the tests showed that everything was normal.”

Reports claim that 43 people had been rescued from the wreckage of the Xinjia Hotel so far. A statement from the district government on Saturday stated that people who came from other regions that were being ravaged by the virus were required to stay at the hotel for observation.  A team of over 700 medics and rescuers have been organized in teams to help.