When you have a group of people who agree to be filmed 24 hours a day while living in close quarters with one another—drama will ensue. For decades, Big Brother mania has taken over the globe as the series has aired in the U.S., the U.K., Belgium, Australia, Finland, Greece, Poland, Albania, Germany, Africa, and a dozen other locations.

Aside from the regular series, there are also those spinoffs from siblings to villains, but Celebrity Big Brother seems to be one of the most popular branch-offs. There is currently a Celebrity Big Brother season underway with a handful of unlikely roommates, but things took a turn when Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey got into a verbal spar.

Surprisingly, cameras didn’t quite capture the argument between the Different Strokes icon and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, but the audio was heard plainly. “F*ck that, f*ck you, period,” Bridges yelled at Bailey. She in turn fired back, “F*ck you.” When fellow castmates attempted to calm Bridges down, he explained that he got fired up because “she wanna start that gangster sh*t. She don’t know who the f*ck she f*ckin’ with.”

Later Bailey stated, “That is so disappointing because I really really really felt like I was building a relationship with him, a friendship. And I was rooting for him and I really want the best for him.”

The whole spat had to do with votes in the game, but Bailey’s husband Mike Hill has been watching intently and didn’t like what he saw. 

“This dude don’t lost his mf’ing mind!!!” Hill tweeted. Should be interesting. Check it all out below.