DaBaby’s antics have him making headlines once again. This time around, the “VIBEZ” rapper is being clowned for jumping Brandon Bills, the brother of his most recent baby mama, DaniLeigh, along with his crew at a bowling alley on Wednesday night.Β 

AsΒ Hot97 reports, following the scuffle, Bills hopped on Instagram to explain what happened, claiming that he was jumped and grabbed by his hair as the fight broke out on the slippery bowling alley floors.

The incident has certainly gotten both fans and haters online talking, and at this point, the key players involved have also been speaking out. DaniLeigh took down her social media page after the altercation, and DaBaby‘s other baby mama, Meme has also chimed in on the conversation.

As you may remember, when Dani and Baby had their explosive Instagram fight a few months back, Meme didn’t hold back when airing out the “Cravin'” recording artist, calling her out for using the n-word and making comments about how she should’ve expected this sort of behaviour when she got involved with her baby daddy.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

When addressing the bowling alley blowout, Meme didn’t actuallyΒ say anything, although she did share a black background with Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke?” playing in the background, and a GIF of Slick Rick sipping tea at the very bottom of the page.

Not long after DaBaby publicly referred to DaniLeigh as his “certified side bitch,” her brother made it known that he would be down to compete in a boxing match with Baby Jesus – read more about that here.