Over the last few years, the internet hasn’t been kind to DaniLeigh. From her relationship with DaBaby to her “Yellow Bone” controversy to just about any update she gives her social media followers, the singer has found herself in the crosshairs of naysayers. DaniLeigh has taken it all in stride and does her best to ignore the negativity, but sometimes, she lashes out.

Earlier today (September 20), the MyΒ Side artist shared a video of herself crying at the airport. “Missed my flight again to the Dr,” she wrote with a broken heart emoji.

DaniLeigh added, “I jus wanna see my baby man.”

Hollywood Unlocked reshared the Instagram Story and soon, their comment section was flooded. Some people identified with the singer’s plight while others used this as another opportunity to throw a few jabs. After being accused of looking for attention, Dani hopped in the comments herself to drop off a note.

“Honestly everybody that’s being mean can go suck a fat one !!!!” she said. “I miss my kid !! Tf !?!!!! Why are u guys so upset that I’m upset ??? Man I hate the internet !!!! There’s a hurricane going on in DR for the air heads that think I’m jus missing a flight to see her !”

Check it out below.