DeMar DeRozan has been on a hot streak since joining the Chicago Bulls as he set an NBA record right before the All-Star break in a 125-118 win against the Sacramento Kings. During a season where DeRozan is having arguably one his best seasons in his career, the All-Star Forward managed to become even more electrifying Wednesday night as he scored 38 points through 16-for-27.

And it was with this glorious stat that DeRozan etched his name in the NBA record books, with this game being his seventh consecutive game scoring 35 or more points while keeping his shot percentage above 50%, passing the great Wilt Chamberlain in the process. Speaking about his new accomplishment, DeRozan, a notable student and lover of the game of Basketball, was in disbelief, saying, “Just to be in the record books along with staples of basketball history speechless,” DeRozan said after the big win. “As a kid, as a fan of the history of the game, being in the league as long as I’ve been in the league, things like that continue to make me even more humble.”

(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

And the praise didn’t stop there for DeRozan’s dominant performance as All-Stars far and wide sent DeRozan his flowers for passing one of the game’s all-time greats, with one of these All-Stars being Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets. Thursday morning, the 2-time NBA Champion Durant tweeted, “Thank you for setting a great example and playing the game with supreme skill.”

In a moment of game recognizes game, Durant gave DeRozan his flowers, and regardless of whether or not the two have been fierce competitors on the floor, it’s always love when it comes to the game and the culture of the sport at large.

As we head into the All-Star break, it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not DeMar can keep his hot streak going after the fun in Cleveland and whether he can lead the Bulls back to the promised land that they haven’t seen in over two decades. But, for right now, DeMar is living out his dreams of cementing his name alongside his idols.