There is no love lost between DJ Akademiks and Nicki Minaj. The pair of unlikely foes have had their fair share of social media moments where insults have been traded, and back in 2019, the podcast host even shared reported messages the rapper sent to him. MinajΒ allegedly threatened Akademiks and his family, and in a new interview with VladTV, he revisits the contentious relationship he has with the Rap icon.Β 

Vlad read off the threatening DMs allegedly sent to Akademiks from Minaj and said it was strange hearing a “female talk that gangster sh*t.” He added that he thought it was “cowardly.”

Ben Gabbe / Stringer / Getty Images

“You know why Nicki’s good? I wanna say great…her audience, and she has the best audience in Hip Hop, them Barbz, they will never believe anythingβ€”and Nicki does a good job of not making it apparent. You ‘heard’ it, you didn’t ‘see’ it,” he said of the reports or gossip that is usually shared about the rapper. “So, like, when you say it, her audience is gonna take it as, ‘Oh, you’re just hating on Nicki.'”

Akademiks added that Minaj’s “fanbase is so solid” that “if she’s not the victim, no one believes it.” Vlad jumped in to compare the Barbz to Michael Jackson’s fans who refuse to believe that the late King of Pop’s children aren’t biologically his. Akademiks thinks that Jackson’s fans are different because they are willing to admit the singer’s faults.

Check it out below.