If there is a person who is going to go hard for Drake, it’s DJ Akademiks. Drizzy’s rollouts and album releases undoubtedly receive an onslaught of attention, and justifiably so, but there are a select few who run the extra mile to make sure people are in tune with Drake‘s artistry. We’ve reported on the polarizing debates over the rapper’s latest album Honestly, Nevermind, and during those conversations, Akademiks gave his take.

“I ain’t gonna lie… Drake album is definitely Jersey Club inspired.. Shouts to all my Jersey Club producers,” said Ak amid the critical opinions of the record. “So many elements here that reminded me of what yall have built over 15+ yrs,” he added. “Jersey Club the backbone of Bronx Drill n this Drake album.” Rapper Ugly God reposted Akademiks’s message with a response.


“Man ya’ll better make all these excuses for me too if I drop something y’all dont enjoy,” wrote Ugly God. “I need all my supporters to be like this n*gga [crying laughing emoji].” Akademiks doubled down.

“They not excuses tho [sideways crying laughing emojis],” Akademiks replied. “Imma have a qualitative discussion on twitch bout drake album. This some art that we gotta digest for a bit . Matter of fact pull up to twitch rn . I’m finna break this down like a pound of weed.”

However, Ugly God returned, this time in Akademiks’s comment section. He claimed that when Adin Ross gave a similar “excuse” about Ski Mask The Slump God‘s project in a critical post from Akademiks, the blogger wasn’t trying to hear it.

“Adin ross said the same exact thing you sayin in this tweet but under your ski mask post about his album a while back. he spoke on it not having propper rollout/promotion and it being experimental and u wasnt going [crying laughing emoji].” Meanwhile, Drake is enjoying dinner with his good friend DJ Khaled. Check it out below.

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