Conversations about how rappers and entertainers need to navigate while traveling have increased since the slaying of PnB Rock. The rapper was visiting a well-known Los Angeles eatery with his girlfriend by his side when someone came in and robbed him. During the altercation, PnB Rock was shot and killed, sparking debates regarding posting one’s location online and wearing expensive jewelry in public.Β 

DJ Envy briefly chatted with TMZ recently and was asked about how he moves while wearing luxury Items. “It’s sad. When I do move with my jewelry, I move with protection,” said Envy.

Tasos Katopodis / Stringer / Getty Images

“Protection would be security, it could be self-protection, or it could be making sure I’m safe,” he added. “When I do move in certain places, I leave my stuff at home. I got six kids and a wife, so I want to make sure I make it back to them. But, not to say that I should have to. I shouldn’t have to. Nobody should ever wanna take somebody’s life over a piece of metal, a piece of jewelry, over a diamond, or a watch. It’s just not right.”

He added:

“But, you know, as a community, we have to make sure we watch each other’s back and we look out for each other. All the senseless killing over a watch? It’s nothing. You took that man’s jewelry and you’ll spend the rest ofΒ your days in jail if you’re caughtβ€”or when you’re caught, I should say. That ain’t right. It ain’t worth it.”

Last night (September 20),Β Roddy Ricch penned a public note to the streets of Los Angeles, telling his peers that the senseless violence needs to stop.

Watch DJ Envy with TMZ below.