DJ Khaled is gearing up for the NBA 2022 All-Star Game. Don’t worry, he won’t actually be hitting the court but he has taken on the role of organizing talent for the weekend. In usual fashion, he’s all over social media with his promotional antics to build further excitement for the annual weekend.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Yesterday, the DJ took to Instagram where he showcased his skills on the court. Surprisingly, he landed a jump shot at the Miami Heat’s training facility before demanding that he be called “MJ” moving forward. “Call me MJ,” he said before shooting the ball. “They call me MJ!” he continued as he took his shot. “Love to D-Book, but they call me MJ. NBA 75. Make sure you get the walk-off.”

Khaled will be serving as one of the performers during All-Star weekend. Billed as “DJ Khaled & Friends,” the Miami star will likely be pulling some of his famous friends on board to bring an energetic performance. It’s unclear who he’ll be bringing out but he is expected to share a few names this week before taking the stage on Sat. Feb. 19th. 

This would be an excellent opportunity for Khaled to unveil what he’s been cooking up. Since the top of the year, he’s teased new collaborations withKanye West and Drake. Perhaps, we’ll get a taste of those records during All-Star weekend.