The 2022 Super Bowl is only days away, and with the TV event being infamous for debuting anticipated and outside-the-box commercials, some celebrities have already begun their countdown, releasing sneak peaks and teasers of their corporate collaborations.

Among them, Doja Cat took to her Instagram Live to discuss her own collaboration with fast-food chain Taco Bell, and even leaking the commercial to her fans. 

The Super Bowl commercial titled, “The Grand Escape,” will premiere during the fourth quarter, and includes a soundtrack of Doja Cat‘s exclusive cover “Celebrity Skin” by Hole, featuring reworked lyrics in partnership with Courtney Love. It is one of the latest projects in Taco Bell’s “long line of groundbreaking initiatives,” including but not limited to the chain’s “Feed the Beat” program.  

Romain Maurice/Getty Images

“The brand’s passion for supporting artists and artist discovery does not stop with free food,” a press release stated concerning the initiative. “The Feed The Beat program also boosts exposure for various artists by giving them a stage at events around the country, featuring their music in national television commercials, and providing amplification through Taco Bell’s social presence.” 

Doja Cat, meanwhile, professed her love for the brand, “It’s no secret I’m a major Taco Bell fan which has made my role with this campaign all the more fun. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this campaign, especially the ones where we get to break all the rules, and look forward to continuing collaborating with the brand.”

Doja Cat later posted the full version of the cover to her Twitter.

The commercial is meant to serve as an epic story of “liberation from conformity” as it shows Doja Cat escaping from a clown college in pursuit of discovering “Live Más” via press release. 

While we don’t have the official version of the commercial, you can watch it via Doja’s leak below, and check out the video for “Celebrity Skin.”