Freddie Gibbs is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album, SSS. The rapper’s been hyping up the project while he embarks on other creative endeavors including in the world of film. Last year, he made his theatrical debut in Down With The King and recently appeared on SNL with Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson. 

Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images

The rapper, who recently revealed that he’ll appear on Peacock’s Bust Down, expressed his desire to get deeper into film and television in the future, which might include seeing the rapper star alongside Don Cheadle in the future. While neither has confirmed that they will be working on any projects together, Gibbs revealed that they finally met face-to-face this past weekend at the Super Bowl. “N***a walked up to me last night and said ‘people say we look alike’ and it was Don Cheadle. The fucking goat,” Gibbs tweeted.

Cheadle later corroborated the story on Twitter, hinting that he expects to work alongside Gangsta Gibbs in the future. “true story. great meeting you, nephew. to be continued,” Cheadle replied.

Gibbs manager Lambo later shared a photo of Gibbs and Cheadle sharing a laugh during the Super Bowl festivities. 

The jokes surrounding Cheadle and Gibbs’ resemblance have echoed across the timeline frequently in the past year. In September, Wale got in on the fun when he jokingly mistook Freddie for the actor.

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