“Don’t Stream Illegally. I F- Up” Omi In A Hellcat Says He Will Plead Guilty & Give Up All His Money & Cars After 2019 FBI Raid That Seized Millions

Watch the full Vlog and statement over at OMI IN A HELLCAT youtube channel https://youtu.be/Kvb2bJP4JUs
“A criminal indictment unsealed last year revealed that Carrasquillo of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Jesse Gonzales of California, and Michael Barone of New York had all been charged with serious offenses relating to the illegal capture and redistribution of Comcast, Verizon, Spectrum, DirecTV and Frontier Communications broadcasts.

With Carrasquillo facing a sentence of 514 years and the forfeiture of dozens of supercars (not to mention dozens of pieces of real estate), the YouTuber has always maintained his innocence, insisting that the legal advice he received while operating his services was solid.

Whatever that advice was, anyone with even a basic understanding of copyright law in the United States could see otherwise. The consequences of not paying taxes are even more obvious so now, via a message to his fans, Carrasquillo says he will plead guilty.” – Torrentfreak
Posted by Thrillz

2022-02-09 20:18:05