Drake has been in attendance for a respectable amount of Toronto Raptors games in his day. Oftentimes seen sideline, amped up for his team’s success, Drake’s appreciation goes just a bit beyond fandom. As the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors organization, he takes pride in representing his club at both home and away competitions. Drake was even subject to memes after a post-championship interview in which he gave some hilarious soundbites. It’s clear he has a thorough appreciation for the game.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

That appreciation seems to have manifested into actual on-court work and effort. His widely known airball in a Kentucky warmup and his friendly jab from Queen Latifah at the BET Awards seem to be a thing of the past. Recently, he’s been hooping with the guys over at Office Hours. We can’t speak to the quality of the defensive opposition he was facing, who may have been letting the superstar off easy, but his shot and handling has certainly gotten better by a good a margin.

A compilation of his newest hoop endeavors made its way to Bleacher Report’s Twitter:

There’s noticable improvement in his overall on court abilities. Maybe he’s been taking it more seriously since his most recent album Certified Lover Boy is certainly paying the bills while he relaxes. Or maybe, he’s been using basketball as a means to let off steam after the Rihanna pregnancy news surfaced.

Jokes aside, though, this was actually a solid showing from Drake. What celebrities would you like to see him play against? Let us know in the comment section below.