This is a huge weekend for sports as the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will be playing against each other in the Super Bowl. Heading into this game, the Rams are the favorites as they were simply the better team on offense and defense, all season long. Meanwhile, the Bengals come in as underdogs who surprisingly won their division and went on a deep run in the postseason thanks to the play of Joe Burrow, who has been showcasing why he was the first overall pick in 2020.

Much like other football fans around the world, Drake will be watching the big game on Sunday, and he is planning on betting some big bucks on the event. In fact, Drake took to Instagram last night where he revealed that he would be placing $1.6 million CAD on the game. This roughly comes out to $1.3 million USD, and the money is being divided by three separate bets.


Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Drake has placed $600K on the Los Angeles Rams winning, which will ultimately give him a total payout of around $900K. From there, he put $500K on Odell Beckham Jr. getting over 62.5 yards, and he even put another $500K on OBJ getting himself a touchdown. The first of these bets will offer a payout of $905K, while the touchdown bet will double his money. 

“All bets are in on the family,” Drake wrote. Clearly, Drake has a lot of faith in his friend OBJ, who could lose the artist about $1 million CAD if he doesn’t come through with a big-time performance.

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