Dwyane Wade is just like us in the sense that he is equally as bored in light of the Coronavirus-induced shutdown of the NBA. With nothing better to do except self-isolate, DWade decided to take to Twitter where he did a Q&A with all of his fans. There were some pretty great questions being asked and at one point, a fan wanted to know who Wade’s favorite rookies are this year.

Wade gave some pretty obvious answers although his third choice was definitely one that will make Chicago Bulls fans happy. The NBA legend picked Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, and Coby White. Curiously, Wade omitted Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat but such is life. We’re sure Wade still thinks highly of the Heat young gun.

Wade’s answer created some debate in the comments section which is typical for these kinds of takes. At the end of the day, fans want to see their favorites represented and if you don’t mention them, the fans begin to feel some type of way. 

As for Zion and Morant, they were in a battle for rookie of the year although Morant would have most likely won it considering Zion missed the first half of the season. With the NBA season in limbo, there is no telling whether or not a rookie of the year award will actually be handed out.