Eli Apple has been public enemy number one in the NFL throughout the playoffs as he has been issuing a lot of trash talk towards other teams, and even fanbases. Apple is a player who is known for getting burned by opposing wide receivers, and for many, his success in the playoffs has been an anomaly that was begging to be broken by a good wide receiver.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, that is exactly what happened as Apple gave up two touchdowns to Cooper Kupp, including the game-winning play with just under two minutes left in the match.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Following the Super Bowl, fans and players throughout the NFL hit Twitter to celebrate the man’s downfall, and it was both hilarious and sad. In fact, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens even got in on the action, admitting that the Apple pack is being smoked right now. Fans also made sure to make a ton of hilarious memes for the occasion, and in the end, it turned into the biggest roast session of the night. So much so that Apple found himself trending on Twitter, which is always a worst-case scenario.

For Apple and the Bengals, last night was one to forget, however, Twitter certainly won’t allow him to ditch this memory, anytime soon.