Elon Musk guest starred on a new episode of the Sway podcast, hosted by New York Times’ opinion section writer Kara Swisher. The interview covered a variety of topics from Starship, Tesla’s stock and even the presidential election. 

Out of all the topics covered, the one that seemed to get a reaction out of the billionaire the most was the global pandemic. When asked whether he would get a COVID-19 vaccine once readily available, Elon said that he wouldn’t because neither him nor his children are “susceptible”– although it remains unclear why exactly he makes this assumption.

Elsewhere in the interview, Elon Musk shared his opinion about lockdowns and quarantine. The business tech mogul believes that the Coronavirus lockdowns are irrational, and only those affected should have to quarantine. He also admitted that he and his employees at Spacex have been at work, stating that “through this entire thing we didn’t skip a day.”

As Swisher pressed on concerning COVID-19, Musk soon threatened to end the interview. Picking up on Musk’s irritation toward her questions, Swisher confronted Elon Musk’s concerns by stating that he “should stop complaining about how irrational people are and do something about it.”

elon musk coronavirus vaccine

Jason Kempin/Getty Images 

Elon Musk agreed and admitted that he has a lot on his brain and frequently suffers from his lack of sleep. He finished the interview off by opening the door to qualified employees by adding “Please recommend some people that I can delegate to. That would be great.”

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