Eminem is coming off of one of the best halftime shows the Super Bowl’s ever witnessed. With Dr. Dre taking the lead, he brought out a top-tier line-up consisting of his most successful collaborators and protegés. Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem joined Dre on the Super Bowl stage where they breezed through the hits.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fans have gushed over the performance since Sunday night with many expressing their admiration for the excellent execution. The nods to Tupac were evident across the board. Dre performed “California Love” before 50 Cent popped out and then delivered a short tribute to “I Ain’t Mad Atcha” following Em’s performance. 

It appears that Em is still in Los Angeles and making his most in the city. Last month, The Wake Me When I’m Free exhibit launched in downtown Los Angeles — an immersive art exhibit with never-before-seen artifacts of ‘Pac’s. The exhibit offers an in-depth look into Tupac’s life, artistry, and childhood. Eminem made sure to stroll through the exhibit and take a flick. The rapper was spotted in front of the gallery where the installation is hosted while rocking a 2Pacalypse Now t-shirt.

Jeremy Hodges, the exhibit’s creative director, explained to ABC7 that he aimed to showcase the complexity of ‘Pac’s character. “My vision was to create an intentionally, thought-provoking experience that gave you the context to understand that there was more dimensions and more depth to who Tupac was,” explained Hodges. “I think when you come here, you’re going to have a pre-conceived notion of what you’re going to see. He was more than what you ever thought or saw, and this experience will give you that story and that context.”

Check out Em’s flick below. The Wake Me When I’m Free exhibit is in Los Angeles for a limited period.