In the days following the Brian Flores lawsuit that alleged that some NFL teams were exhibiting racist practices in their hiring decisions, the noise around the situation has seemingly died down a bit, but to be fair, that could be because of the presence of the Super Bowl looming mainly over the league’s urgent mental capacity.

However, not everyone has been distracted by one of the biggest games on earth, as Former Los Angeles Rams RB and Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson has brought some heat to the league’s doorstep, once again raising the issue brought forth by Flores and doubling down. According to the Football legend, the first step in achieving some real change would be the NFL getting a Black commissioner. During an interview with ODSB Sports, Dickerson stated that the real change we all are wishing for will happen once we get a Black Commissioner for the NFL to signal “a shift in power.”

(Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Elaborating, the legend went on, saying, “A shift in power is the only thing that will change the way it is,” Dickerson said. “You’re not going to make everyone happy, and I understand that. That’s not how life works, but we need to make real progress.” To further his point, Dickerson went so far as to compare the NFL with the NBA stating that the football league should embrace their Black players and keep these players—who make up the majority of the league’s population–at the forefront of their decision-making.

And as a result of this particular demand, Dickerson stated that the NFL Player’s Association should do more to get involved. The Brian Flores lawsuit has definitely made significant shockwaves throughout the NFL, and while Eric Dickerson seems to be one of the loudest voices regarding this issue, he isn’t the only one passionate about seeing some change for their beloved organization. The likes of Shannon Sharpe, Hue Jackson, and others have voiced their concerns as well in hopes that the league will make some moves to fix the very real issue of racism as marked by Brian Flores’ historic lawsuit.

We will be sure to keep HNHH updated as more information comes in.