In recent weeks, renowned podcaster and multi-faceted entertainer Joe Rogan has been under fire for multiple issues. First, Rogan was condemned by the public for spewing misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic on his podcast, leading many artists like Joni MitchellNeil Young and India Arie to remove their music from Spotify because the streaming platform did not punish Rogan.

Next, many videos of Rogan surfaced of him inappropriately using the n-word, considering he is not Black. While he defended himself by saying he is being politically targeted, many people were outraged. Of those upset was legendary New York rapper Fat Joe, who posted a video dissing Rogan: “This guy Joe Rogan, he’s a piece of sh*t. Joe Rogan is a piece of sh*t.”

Fat Joe continued by saying he stand with artists taking their music off Spotify, but that he would not because he is about making money: “Shoutout to everyone that’s better than me and taking their music off of Spotify, I’m not. Because all my people people know (I’ll) do charity, (I) will open a business in the hood and give out jobs, (I) will give computers to the school, but (I) got to get to (my) bag. (I) ain’t crazy. I’m not taking my music off Spotify but, Spotify is made up of black music whether its R&B, whether its rap, trap, reggaeton, all that fall in there. Because our music is on that platform, and they make their money from black people, do you think it should be allowed for a guy to be talking racist sh*t on their platform?”

Fat Joe says he is a proponent of “freedom of speech,” citing his support for a bill brought forward by Meek Mill and JAY-Z that disallows courts from using rap lyrics against artists in their cases. But, he was angered by the racism being spewed by Rogan.

However, once Twitter caught wind of Rogan’s rant, they brought out receipts of Fat Joe using the n-word, as many do not believe him to be Black either.

I appears that Fat Joe got himself in some trouble for trying to call out Joe Rogan for the same problem.

Do you think Fat Joe should be excused for saying the n-word?