The global response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been immense, to say the least. Russia invaded Ukraine over the last week and there have been non-stop updates from citizens of both countries, as well as reports related to military attacks. Companies have reportedly also begunΒ severing their ties with Russia and cutting off financial access to banks and accounts, but it has also been reported that Russian sports teams are also feeling the brunt of Vladimir Putin’s large-scale invasion.

According to several reports, Russian soccer teams have been suspended from all international matches, thus making them ineligible for the forthcoming 2022 World Cup. The men’s national team was scheduled to perform in the playoffs in just a few weeks, but “until further notice,” they have been set aside.

Paolo Bruno / Stringer / Getty Images

β€œFootball is fully united here andΒ in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine,” FIFA and UEFA said in a joint statement. This news comes after the International Olympics Committee shared a similar decision as they opted to “exclude Russian athletes and officials from international events,” reports KTLA News in Los Angeles.

These decisions may cause Russia to reportedly lose its global reputation as a formidable force in sports and beyond, as well as hurt the country financially. Teams from varying countries in several sports have vowed not to compete against Russian athletes, including the NHL which has suspended business with Russia during this conflict.