Asian Doll is trending yet again — this time, it’s because Brooklyn drill rapper Fivio Foreign called her out for allegedly lying about him on social media.

Dallas-based rapper Asian Doll continues to be one of the biggest traffic drivers in hip-hop. Between her podcast walk-out a few weeks ago, her constant tweets about ex-boyfriend King Von, and her never-ending antics on social media, Asian Doll always finds herself trending for a different reason. This time, she tweeted about spotting Fivio Foreign at the bowling alley, telling the world what the star allegedly told her when they crossed paths.

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Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

“I had my ski mask on at the bowling alley fivio gone say take that sh*t off & show that pretty face we wanna see that sh*t,” tweeted Asian Doll.

It didn’t take long for Fivio to clear the record, responding that nothing of the sort took place.

“Wtf.. Wat type ov lie is dat,” he wrote, quoting the tweet. “She da homie for sure.. but I gotta gurl.. Yu kno I ain’t moving like dat.”

When fans started theorizing on how embarrassed Asian must have been after getting called out by another mainstream rapper, she assured fans that she’s still cool with Fivio, and she’s not ashamed.

“You know you my boy @FivioForeign & I was high asf*ck & you know my body & I love yo b*tch & you know I love my heartttttt that’s over there with you,” she wrote back. “I’m just a viral b*tch. The way I’m not embarrassed is crazyyyyyyy.”

Check out the exchange below and let us know what you think really happened at the bowling alley.

Screenshot via @FivioForeign on Twitter

Screenshots via @AsianDaBrattt on Twitter