Fivio Foreign caught our attention when he teased that Kanye West may have given him the “feature of the year,” and now that their joint single “City of Gods” (also featuring R&B icon Alicia Keys) has arrived, we can confirm that he didn’t lie.

As Complex notes, the 31-year-old New York rapper is due to share his long-awaited debut album, B.I.B.L.E on March 25th, and Ye will be the one sitting in the executive producer’s seat on the project. The two previously connected on “Off the Grid” – a standout from the father of four’s Donda record – so fans are eager to see what else they can cook up together.


On top of Fiv, West, Keys’ contributions, “City of Gods” was also worked on by Tweek Tune, Hermz, Mav Beats, AyoAA, Oji Volta, and The Chainsmokers. Though it only had a brief rollout on social media before it arrived on streamers, fans of the artists were immediately confident that it would be a hit.

While most have agreed that the new collab is giving exactly what it needs so, some have argued that “Off the Grid,” is superior, if you choose to compare the two tracks. “‘City of Gods’ feels like drill made for the masses/radio,” one user tweeted. “Still a banger but ‘Off the Grid’ clears.”

Others added, “‘City of Gods’ sounds like an ‘Off the Grid’ remix; same synth/beat and same Fivio flow,” and “‘City of Gods’ is the best thing I’ve heard this year. Kanye let his guts out! The #Donda Fivio repping as usual… Alicia Keys on your hook, you already know [what it is.]”