Kanye West, Fivio Foreign, and Alicia Keys might have one of the biggest songs of the year already, and we’re only 2 months in.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

City Of Gods,” attributed to Fivio Foreign as the main artist, has already gone solar. Assisted by megastars and music legends Kanye West and Alicia Keys, there was nowhere for the track to go but the top. Kanye West, who will serve as the executive producer for Fivio Foreign’s B.I.B.L.E album, gave Fivio one of the biggest moments of his career on the Donda cut “Off The Grid.” Now, utilizing that momentum, he has an anthem-like track to continuously give him a push as he gears up for his release.

When asked about the song, out of the gates he made some major comparisons to hits of the past. In a conversation with DJ Clue, he stated that the new Alicia Keys featured track was “Like ‘Empire State Of Mind Part 2.”

Delving a bit more into the conception and creation of the star heavy collaboration, Fivio Foreign pointed to Ye’s vision and direction which allowed the song to develop into the goliath it eventually became:

“I had the beat already. When the beat came to me, it was a sample. Chainsmokers did the song and I played it for Ye. He was like ‘Yo, I see something with the song. Send it to me.'” Fivio continued on to say “I came back the next day, Ye rearranged the beat a little. I was gonna say ‘Ain’t no king of New York. Nobody really in charge,’ and Ye was like ‘Nah, you gotta say “I’m the king of New York. I’m really in charge.'”

The song took on an entirely different energy with that approach.

“City Of Gods” is available on streaming platforms.