Floyd Mayweather has been in the boxing gameย for the majority of his life, so it should be no surprise that he has a lot of opinions when it comes to other fighters. A great example of this is Jake Paul,ย whom Mayweather has been challenged by in the past. Paul is set to face off against Anderson Silva next month, and in Mayweather’s eyes, this is a good thing. While speaking to TMZ, Mayweather revealed how Paul is making the right moves right now.

“Jake Paul, as of right now, for what he’s doing, it’s good for what he’s doing,” Floyd said. “But once he fights a real actual fighter, it’s gon’ be bad.ย But one thing I like about him, he’s selling it. He’s making good money. He’s entertaining. I like it.”

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Mayweather then went on to talk about a potential match between Canelo and Paul. Mayweather does not think this is going to end well, and he advises Paul to keep fighting MMA guys with little boxing experience.

“He’ll get f***ed up by Canelo,” Floyd said.ย “There is no way. He’ll get demolished. For what he’s doing, as long as they keep getting YouTubers and keep putting him in there with MMA guys that’s kind of over the hill, he’s going continue to shine. So, I’m proud of him. I’m not really upset.”

At some point, Paul will have to prove himself against the best competition there is, but for now, he is happy taking the easy way out. Moving forward, it should be interesting to see what he does next.