Footage Surfaces Showing 5 Men Attacking Ludacris’s Manager, Chaka Zulu… Who Was Charged With Murder!

“Correction: ADP Charged Chaka, NOT the DA

I pray that @atlantapolice and @fultoncountyda can see that APD made a mistake! Men lie woman lie, the footage doesn’t lie! Chaka Zulu was trying to prevent the situation from escalating, and the four men decided viciously attack him.

Artez Benton, the young college graduate that was shot by Chaka can be seen straddled over Chaka punching him in the face, while the other men stomped him in the head and kicked him.

HOW CAN HE BE CHARGED WITH MURDER WHEN HE WAS BEING ATTACKED & shot in the back by the big guy in the video? HOW??” – Via – @shanaehall1
Posted by Thrillz

2022-09-20 23:17:05

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